Neon Sign Repair

If your neon sign broke or stopped working, we can repair your neon signs.
Here's an explanation of the process.

1.- Identifying what is wrong with the neon signs.
90% of the time what goes wrong is that there's a broken section in the sign, but it's better to check is there's anything else wrong with the sign, especially with neon signs that have been stored for a long time, here's a video that shows you how to check the rest of the sign when you hav a broken section.

If you do not have any broken section but the signs still doesn't work, here's a quick troubleshooting guide to help you.

1.- You turn on the sign and it flashes (blinks) and then nothing, a few seconds later you pull the switch and again the same thing.
This means that there's a bad section of neon, either broken ,cracked or burned out, the section has to be repaired.
2.- You turn on your neon sign and nothing happens, No flickering or flashing

This means that the transformer is dead, you need to replace the transformer.
3.- You pull on the pull chain switch and you don't hear a clicking sound and the neon sign does not turn on or it turns on after many tries on the switch
This means you have a bad switch, it has to be replaced.
In some transformer you can replace the switch but not on all of them.
Here's a video on how to replace a switch

Once you know what section is broken or not working then you take a picture of your sign and send it to me by e mail and just tell me where the broken or defective section is, once i evaluate the section i can give you a quote on the repair.

Then if you accept the price you would have to take out the section yourself and ship me the section, once i receive the section i would send you an invoice from Paypal, once payment is received i would go ahead with the repair, once the repair is done then i would send you the repaired section back to you and you would have to install it back on your sign.
this is the only way to do this because sending the whole sign is not recommended because of the high probability of the more breaks in the sign.

Here is a video that shows you how to take out the bad section from a sign

And here's a video on the best way to package the neon section for shipping

You can find all the videos i have on neon sign repair on my youtube channel

If you have any questions please send them via the contact page or by email to 
Thank YOU